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Keeshond dogs or "Keeshonden" are handsome dogs with an alert and intelligent fox-like expression. They are remarkable for the long, straight, harsh coat with richly plumed tail and lion like tresses around the neck, shoulders and chest. Females don't have such manes. The legs are heavily coated, forming the breed characteristic, "trousers." The rest of the body is abundantly covered with short thick hair. Trimming is permissible only on feet and hocks. Silky, wavy, and curly coat are faults.

As for coloring, Keeshonden can be gray, black, and cream, varying from light to dark. The ruff, "trousers," and tail should be lighter than the body. Any solid color, pronounced white markings, white foot or feet are serious faults.

Keeshonden are medium-sized, square appearing, with rather short body. The tail is moderately long, set on high and tightly curved over the back close to the body. The legs should be well muscled, with compact, rounded, cat-like feet and the black, arched nails.

The head of Keeshonden should be wedge-shaped when viewed from above. The alert expression of the Keeshond dog depends on the "spectacles"- a combination of shadings in the orbital area. Delicate dark lines slant from the corner of the eyes towards the ears. Absence of these lines is a serious fault.

Eyes should be almond shaped and dark brown with black eye rims. Round, protruding, or eyes light in color are faults. The ears of a purebred Keeshond should be triangular in shape, mounted high on head and carried erect. The lips of Keeshond dogs should be black and closely meeting while the Keeshonden' teeth should be strong and sound with a scissors bite. For more information visit this site.

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